Thème et symposiums


Sustainability and Prosperity

Organizing Committee:

Conference Chair: Alain Garnier, Université Laval
Conference Vice-chair: Martine Péloquin, Valero
Technical Program Chair: Faïçal Larachi, Université Laval
Student Program Coordinators: Atieh Bahrami (Graduate), Antoine Marceau and Alec Bourgault-Giguère (Undergraduate), Université Laval


Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage

Éric Croiset, University of Waterloo
Maria C Iliuta, Université Laval

Keynote Speaker:
Angeliki Lemonidou,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Advances in Carbon Capture - post-combustion, pre-combustion, oxy-combustion, chemical looping, calcium looping, chemical/physical solvents, solid sorbents, membrane technology, enzymatic capture, integrated processes, cost analysis, environmental impact assessments
Challenges in CO2 Storage - mineral carbonation, CO2-EOR, environmental impacts, risk assessments
New opportunities in CO2 Utilization/Conversion - catalytic conversion, homogeneous catalysis, heterogeneous catalysis, photocatalytic conversion, CO2 to fuels, CO2 activation, supercritical CO2

Challenges and Opportunities for Micro-algal Technologies

Amarjeet Bassi, Western University
Hector De La Hoz Siegler, University of Calgary
Jean-Sébastien Deschênes, Université du Québec à Rimouski
Wei Liao, Michigan State University

Keywords: Microalgae Applications, Biofuels, Nutraceuticals, Co-products, Photo-bioreactors, Heterotrophic Systems, Process Engineering, Feedstocks for Microalgae, Bio-refinery, Harvesting and Extraction, Hydrothermal Liquefaction, Genetic Engineering, Economics, Lifecycle Analysis

Fats & Oils: Sustainability and Innovation

Khaled Belkacemi, Université Laval
Dérick Rousseau, Ryerson University

Keynote Speaker:
Khaled Belkacemi, Université Laval


Green Oleocatalysis in Food and Non-food Engineering - green oleochemistry, hybrid organic-inorganic catalysts/catalysis, enzymatic catalysis, edible fat & oil, catalytic modification
Moving from Synthetic to Natural Ingredients - natural ingredients, artificial additives, product reformulation, consumer science, 'bio-prospecting'
Trends in Green Food Technology and Engineering - energy efficiency, green technologies, food processing, climate change, minimal packaging, life cycle analysis

Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor P Carreau for Outstanding Contributions in Rheology and Polymer Nanocomposites

Marie-Claude Heuzey, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Frej Mighri, Université Laval

Keynote Speaker:
Daniel De Kee, University of Toronto

Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor S Kaliaguine for Outstanding Contributions in Catalysis

Freddy Kleitz, Université Laval
Sébastien Royer, Université de Poitiers, France

Keynote Speaker:
Cathleen Crudden, Queen's University

Design of Catalytic Materials (including microporous and mesoporous materials)
Environmental Catalysis and Biomass Valorisation

Process Safety and Loss Management

François Roche, Air Liquide
Melanie Wilson, TransCanada

Keynote Speakers:
Trish Kerin, Institution of Chemical Engineers Safety Centre (ISC)
Coral Lukaniuk, Canadian Energy Pipeline Association

Audits and Corrective Actions
Capital Project Review and Design Procedures
Conduct of Operations
Emergency Response Planning
Equipment Integrity
Implementing PSM
Incident Investigations
Integration of Process Safety Management with other Key Industrial Programs
Performance Indicators
Process Risk Assessment
Process Safety Management in Canada
PSM in Non-chemical Industries
Risk Control

Rheology of Complex Fluids

Marianna Kontopoulou, Queen's University
Frej Mighri, Université Laval

Keynote Speaker:
Jeffrey Giacomin, Queen's University


Biorheology - biological macromolecules, biomaterials, rheology of biological fluids, rheology in biomedical applications, hydrogels
Microrheology, Macro and Nanofluidics - probe microrheology, microrheological characterization, transient and non linear microrheology, microfluidic devices
Polymer Melts and Composites (Joint with Honourary Symposium in Recognition of Professor P Carreau for Outstanding Contributions in Rheology and Polymer Nanocomposites) - rheology of polymer melts, blends and multiphase systems, nanocomposites, linear, nonlinear and extensional rheology, molecular dynamics simulations
Solutions, Suspensions, Emulsions and Colloids - complex fluids, interfacial rheology, colloidal gels, emulsions, slurries, oil and gas

Technical Sessions:


Bruno Gaillet, Université Laval
Denis Groleau, Université de Sherbrooke

Keynote Speaker:
Amine A Kamen, McGill University

Sessions and Keywords:

Bioengineering Process Intensification - modeling, microfluidics, high-throughput testing, purification
Biofuels/Bio-energy - green energy, biobutanol, ethanol, hydrogen, microalgae, lignocellulosic biomass, biorefinery, biological carbon storage, microbial fuel cells, anaerobic digestion
Bioreaction Engineering - cell culture, fermentation, enzymes, bioreactor design/control/optimization, biosensors
Engineered Biological Systems - metabolic engineering, synthetic biology, bioinformatics, metabolomics, microbial factories
Renewable Chemicals/Bio-products/Bio-therapeutics - fine chemicals, secondary metabolites, natural products, vaccines, gene therapy, biotherapeutics, transfection agents, biopolymers

Biomedical Engineering

Corinne Hoesli, McGill University
Patrick Vermette, Université de Sherbrooke

Keynote Speakers:
Marianne Fenech, University of Ottawa
Chris Moraes, McGill University
Mark Ungrin, University of Calgary

Sessions and Keywords:

Biomedical Imaging and Sensing - lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip devices, new development in non-invasive tomography, contrasting agents, imaging techniques, sensors
Computational Biomedical Engineering - thermodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, intrinsic kinetics applied to disease mechanisms and therapies, gene regulation, intracellular signaling, in-silico computational models of biomimetic systems
Functional Biomaterials and Molecular Therapeutics - biomimetic materials for in-vivo integration, for in-vitro proof of concept, stem cells, antibodies, protein binding, glycosilation, physical chemistry monitoring of intra-cellular processes
Tissue Engineering - physicochemical excitation for stem, skin, bone cells, tissue engineered cartilage constructs, cell harvesting, biowires and injectable tissues

Catalysis and Catalytic Reaction Engineering

Mladen Eic, University of New Brunswick
Jan Kopyscinski, McGill University

Keynote Speaker:
Robert Farrauto, Columbia University, USA

Sessions and Keywords:

Catalysis for Environmental and Materials Processing - nano/bio/novel-multifunctional materials, catalysis for microfluidics and micro-patterned devices, catalysis for CO2 utilization, bio-catalysis, emissions control, photocatalysis, waste treatment
Catalysis for Sustainable Systems - biomass conversion, biomass-fossil mix optimization, new concepts for renewable energy sources and fuels, hydrogen production, fuel cells and energy storage, syngas conversion, conversion/utilization of fossil fuels, oil sands and heavy oil
Catalysis: Quid Novi? - catalyst preparation, catalyst characterization, novel catalysts, new catalytic methods, MOFs
Catalytic Reaction Engineering - multiphase reactor, micro-macrokinetic phenomena, process intensification, novel reactors, electrochemical and photochemical reactor engineering, fundamentals, scale-up, scale-down, computational reaction engineering
Quo Vadis Catalysis? - electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, environmental catalysis, hydrocarbon catalysis, oxidative coupling, syngas catalysis

Chemical Engineering Education

Suzanne Kresta, University of Alberta
Michel Perrier, École Polytechnique de Montréal

Sessions and Keywords:

Chemical Engineering Curriculum: Optimus Liber Est Magister - field testing of learning, assessment of learning, active learning, heuristic shortcuts
Chemical Engineering Curriculum: Quid Novi? - new trends in education, best practices, new teaching, support materials
Chemical Engineering Curriculum, Quo Vadis? - insights, paradigm shifts in teaching, classroom as an incubator of teacher-student interactions, creative approaches

Chemical Engineering Foundations

Seyed M Taghavi, Université Laval
Anthony Wachs, University of British Columbia

Keynote Speaker:
Krishnaswamy Nandakumar, Louisiana State University, USA

Sessions and Keywords:

Colloids and Interfaces - rheology of dispersions, colloidal and interfacial phenomena, granular media, capillary effects, molecular dynamics, surface treatment, super-hydrophobic surfaces, boundary layers, electrical double layer phenomena, electrochemistry
Fluid Flow and Mixing in Continuous and Discrete Systems - non-linear phenomena, rheology, non-Newtonian fluids, nanofluids, multiphase flow, transport in porous media, fluidization, pulp flows, non-invasive imaging, flow visualization, Lagrangian particle tracking, Eulerian representation, micro/macromixing, non-conventional flow stimulation and configurations, pore network modeling, computational fluid dynamics
Physicochemical Separation - conventional unit operations, emerging separation strategies, membrane separation, filtration, crystallization, absorption, adsorption, sub/supercritical extraction, distillation, leaching, flotation, gravitational and external field-induced separation, powder technology
Thermodynamics and Kinetics - phase equilibria, description of equilibrium and non-equilibrium processes, intrinsic kinetics for catalytic and non-catalytic systems, reactions in condensed media, gas phase reactions, weak and strong electrolyte systems, novel solvents, ionic liquids, hydrocarbons, statistical thermodynamics, modeling and simulations
Transport Phenomena Triptych - phase change phenomena, process intensification, coupled heat/mass/momentum transfers in multiphase systems, reactive and non-isothermal flows, heat exchangers, modeling and simulations, innovative metrology

Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

Zhongwei Chen, University of Waterloo
Elöd Gyenge, University of British Columbia

Sessions and Keywords:

Batteries, Electrolyzers and Supercapacitors - electrochemical energy storage, charge storage, lithium battery, Redox flow batteries, metal-air batteries, organic batteries, hydrogen production and electrolysis, electrochemical capacitors
Electrochemical Sensors and Electro-analysis - electroanalytical methods, amperometric, potentiometric and conductimetric sensors, sensors for detection of objectionable compounds and species in gases and liquids
Fuel Cells - transport, electrocatalysis, membrane materials, materials characterization, fuel cell design, modeling and simulations

Energy Resources

Nicolas Abatzoglou, Université de Sherbrooke
Cédric Briens, Western University
Jinwen Chen, Natural Resources Canada

Sessions and Keywords:

Computational Engineered-Energy Concepts - process simulation/modeling, reservoir simulation, swell simulation, energy storage, transformation, recovery, recycling
Forest Biomass Refinery - lignin, lignin-derived products, cellulose, hemicellulose, value-added utilization, integrated forest biorefinery
Fossil Energy - oil, bitumen, coal, shale oil shale gas, gas hydrates, natural gas
Harvesting Renewable Energy - water splitting, photovoltaics, solar energy, electrolysis, biofuels, biomass, wind, swell and marine applications
Thermochemical Conversion - combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, torrefaction, co-firing, char production


Madhumita B Ray, Western University
Rafael M Santos, Sheridan College
Peter Vanrolleghem, Université Laval

Sessions and Keywords:

Environmental Reaction Engineering
Industrial Ecology and Resources Conservation - life cycle assessment; multi-criteria analyses of environment/economy/societal challenges; sustainability indicators and strategies; impact assessment
Trends in Air Pollution Mitigation and Air Quality - gas pollutant scrubbing; mitigation of particulate emissions; air contaminant transport; photochemical smog; greenhouse gases: sources, effects and fate; ultrafine particles; catalytic conversion; ozone depleting substances: sources, effects and fate
Trends in Solid Waste Mitigation - contaminated soils; pollutant transport; fracking waste; in-situ and ex-situ mitigation solutions; fate and toxicity of nanoparticles; sludge treatment
Trends in Wastewater Mitigation and Water Quality - micro-pollutants, refractory pollutants; persistent pollutants; oxidative/reductive processes; remediation of oil sands tailing ponds; wastewater treatment; oil sands process-affected water (OSPW); advanced oxidation technologies; pollution transport in water
Waste Management and Recovery: Concepts and Solutions - landfill; waste reduction and control; atom economy and energy recovery from waste; tailings ponds; hazardous wastes; waste valorization

Macromolecular Sciences and Engineered Polymers

Josée Brisson, Université Laval
Denis Rodrigue, Université Laval
João Soares, University of Alberta

Sessions and Keywords:

Advances in Macromolecular Science and Engineering - composites; foams; blends; recycling; compatibilization
Bio-based, Biomedical and Green Polymers - biodegradable plastics: PLA, PHA, PHA, PCL; renewable monomers
Novel Functional Polymeric Materials - electrical conductivity; piezoelectricity; thermal insulation; polymer composites; polymer nanocomposites; responsive polymers
Polymer Characterization and Testing - mechanics; fatigue; multiaxial deformation; size exclusion chromatography; temperature rising elution fractionation; interactive chromatography; crystallization elution fractionation; polymer spectroscopy
Polymer Processing and Rheology - rotomolding; injection molding; large amplitude shear rheology; extrusion; reactive extrusion
Polymer Reaction Engineering - copolymers; grafting; branching; polymerization kinetics; compositional drift; parameter estimation; polymerization modelling; polymerization simulation; structure-property relationships; polymer thermodynamics; transport properties

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Trong-On Do, Université Laval
Aiping Yu, University of Waterloo

Keynote Speaker:
Giovanni Fanchini, Western University

Sessions and Keywords:

Nanomaterials: New Applications and Enhancing Conventional Processes - chemical engineering applications, conventional processes, new processes, membranes, micro-scale and large scale vessels, mixing
Nanomaterials: Quid Novi? - new preparation routes, synthesis, bottom-up and up-bottom processes, graphene, nanowires, nanotube functionalization, nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion, nanocomposite, solar energy conversion
Nanomaterials, Quo Vadis? - imaging, diagnostics, drug delivery, hyperthermia, carbon nanotubes, adsorbent, micro-mixing, semiconductors, nanoparticles stimulated in operando under external fields, sensors

Systems and Control

Carl Duchesne, Université Laval
Luis Ricardez-Sandoval, University of Waterloo

Keynote Speaker:
Alberto Ferrer, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Sessions and Keywords:

Advances in Systems and Control - new developments in theory and applications of systems and process control, estimation and identification
Applied Statistics and Multivariate Methods in Process Systems - multivariate and statistical methods, data-driven modelling, monitoring and statistical process control, applications
Monitoring, Fault Detection and Diagnosis - univariate and multivariate fault detection, diagnosis tools, dynamic risk assessment, real-time fault monitoring, risk management, on-line sensor measurements
Planning, Scheduling and Supply Chain Optimization - planning and scheduling of manufacturing processes, supply chain optimization, supply chain management, industry challenges
Process Optimization and Predictive Control - theory, algorithms and software for optimization, predictive control problems
System Identification - adaptive non-linear identification, linear and non-linear systems, closed-loop identification, hybrid stochastic systems
Systems and Process Design and Simulation - process and product design and analysis, design strategies, process integration