Student Welcome and Opening Keynote

Sunday, 16 October 2016
QCCC, Room 206A

Maximize Your Opportunities:  Understanding the Canadian Chemical Industry

Santiago Faucher, CSChE President, will welcome the students to the conference. the student organizing committee will provide a summary of the 2016 conference activities and Andrew Biksa of BASF will give the opening keynote: Maximize Your Opportunities:  Understanding the Canadian Chemical Industry.

This strategic session will focus on understanding how the Canadian chemical Industry works and how you can leverage this knowledge to broaden your career opportunities.  The chemical engineering value chain will be discussed, and how to get the most out of professional best practices.  Upon leaving this seminar you will understand the various sectors/companies in the industry, the importance of making a value proposition and how to sell yourself, either to get a job or gain momentum on your ideas.

Speaker Bio

Andrew Biksa, M.A.Sc., P.Eng., is Construction Lead at BASF Canada.  BASF is the world’s largest chemical company with a portfolio ranging from plastics, coatings, performance materials, agricultural chemicals, oil and gas.  Andrew is currently focused on the construction industry.  He obtained his B.A.Sc. in chemical engineering from the University of Toronto and a M.A.Sc. in mechanical engineering from McMaster. Andrew has 10 years of industry related experience in automotive manufacturing, construction products, protective coatings/paints, environmental health and safety (EHS) and marketing/sales.